Using Sliders For A Professional Touch In Your Promotional Video

Using Sliders For A Professional Touch In Your Promotional Video

Promotional Video Production

When you watch a film or promotional video, you may be impressed by the effects you are seeing without knowing exactly which shooting techniques have been used. When you’re considering making a video for your own business, however, some understanding of the possibilities available to you can help you to plan so that your video really stands out from the rest.

Here at AV3, we know that a corporate or promotional video that is made by a professional production team will be the real deal. Your unique business will be presented to the world using skills and techniques that give a dynamic and exciting result that will be a great investment for you. One of the techniques that can enhance your video is the use of sliders, and we’ve outlined their uses below for your information. Read More

Why It’s a Bad Idea To Have An Autoplaying Video On Your Homepage

av3media video production February 21, 2017

Autoplay is a clever concept, attempting to draw the viewer in and grab his or her attention without requiring user initiation of the video. However, although it may be a useful tool for advertising videos, such as those that often appear before popular content on YouTube, for example, autoplay may not be such a great idea when you’re designing the homepage of your business website.

Here at AV3, we know that your promotional videos can take your business to a whole new level of success, and this is why it’s really important to consider your options and get your video marketing right. Talk to us for more information about how we can help you to stand out, or to begin creating a corporate video that will put you ahead of the rest. Read More

Corporate Video Production: Consider Your Context

Your Corporate Video In Context

When you create a corporate video to promote your business, you want to ensure your conversion rate is as good as possible. However, focusing on increasing traffic or click-through rate without considering contextual design might be a big mistake.

Ideally, you want the world to be talking about your video – for all the right reasons! If you’re hoping to build a bigger follower base and make your advertising easier in future, paying attention to design and context can really pay off. Here are some of our top tips to consider when you’re using video for your business.

aer lingus corporate videoHere at AV3, we love videos that tell a story, and whether you’re showing how your website works or planning a series of lifestyle advertisements, considering your context can give you a whole new perspective on the way you communicate with your audience.


Top Tips

1.    Look at what your audience wants. The context of your video must be related to the point at which your audience connects with you. For example, if they are looking to make a purchase, they will appreciate a video that makes the most of this context by reviewing or presenting specific details of a product, for example. A video that compares products or discusses the advantages of some lines over others, by contrast, would be ideal to influence viewers who are not yet committed to the sales process. Videos make excellent ways to encourage your customers towards sales, and can be a great way to share a lot of information and detail in an accessible way.

2.    Use the physical nature of video. Video is an obvious medium to use when you’re trying to point out exactly what you want your audience to know. For example, if you want to lead viewers around a web page, or steer them towards a specific call to action, having a video that literally signposts this and points it out is an excellent tool. Try this for product tours and new user guides to your website – it’s a simple but very effective tool!

3.    Don’t overlook design. Design is what appeals to your audience, hooking them into your brand and leading them to become interested in future campaigns. Video is the most successful medium for reaching audiences across the world, and it outstrips other advertising by a long way, so it’s well worth considering exactly what will make your campaign stand out. Viewers love video that is unique or beautiful, and simple ideas often translate better than those that try to combine too many elements.

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Correct Your Video Problems In Post Production

av3media video production January 17, 2017

Correct Your Video Problems In Post Production

It’s a nightmare that has happened to most people at some point. You sit down to edit your video footage and discover that something has gone wrong during filming, and that what you’re looking at is not what you had hoped for! Many common mistakes are made during amateur video production, and the good news is that you don’t necessarily have to start all over again.

Here at AV3, we always recommend getting help from the experts when you’re making an introductory or corporate video for your business, but if you’re tempted to have a go yourself, you may find that you fall into common pitfalls. Browse our list of common problems, and find out how you may be able to fix them for yourself. Read More

The Importance Of Audio

The Importance Of Audio

Promotional videos have become the best way to advertise across all online platforms, but video will only be good for your business if it is done right. If you produce and display videos that are poor quality, badly designed or difficult to watch, you will be putting off potential customers and giving a bad impression of your company.

Sound is a very important consideration in a promotional video, and when a video is accompanied by poor audio, it has a very negative effect on viewers. Whether you are using video to promote products or to grow your brand across social media networks, the quality of your audio will be vital to the success of your campaign. Read More

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Initially starting his career as a cameraman, he now manages the growing team at AV3 Productions. As Executive Producer he oversees all productions from simple web videos to multi-part primetime TV series. He is your initial contact and his vast experience in the TV/Video production business is a guarantee that your production will be a success.

Michael has developed a huge range of TV productions from one-off documentaries to large scale TV series. He has built AV3 into one of the leading production companies in Ireland and wants to build on this success.

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