Build Your Business With Personalised Videos

Build Trust With Personalised Video

Personalised videos are an excellent way to introduce yourself and your brand to your audience, and can be very effective as part of your marketing strategy. Customers like to know what they are buying into, and a business that gives them the personal touch is much more likely to elicit repeat business and recommendations to others.

Here at AV3, we believe that video can accomplish things that other methods of advertising cannot. By bringing the faces and personalities of your business to the forefront, video can create a personal connection that is not possible with most online marketing. Talk to us about how your business could benefit from using personalized video. Read More

Using Sliders For A Professional Touch In Your Promotional Video

Promotional Video Production

When you watch a film or promotional video, you may be impressed by the effects you are seeing without knowing exactly which shooting techniques have been used. When you’re considering making a video for your own business, however, some understanding of the possibilities available to you can help you to plan so that your video really stands out from the rest.

Here at AV3, we know that a corporate or promotional video that is made by a professional production team will be the real deal. Your unique business will be presented to the world using skills and techniques that give a dynamic and exciting result that will be a great investment for you. One of the techniques that can enhance your video is the use of sliders, and we’ve outlined their uses below for your information. Read More

Big Mistakes Businesses Make With Video

Video is fast becoming the most important worldwide platform for business promotion and marketing. Many smaller businesses have realized the importance of this, and are making use of the casual, chat style video tools available for free on social media sites. However, if you want to make video work for your business, and if you’re hoping to present a professional image, it’s a good idea to consult an expert video production agency who can ensure you end up with the result you want.

There are many possibilities when producing a video for your business, and it’s important to pay attention to the details in order to avoid making mistakes that could cost you followers or even your reputation. It’s not difficult to get on board with the best way to keep in touch with your customers, and to show them exactly what you want them to see, but it’s easy to miss the mark when you haven’t done it before. Read More