Using Sliders For A Professional Touch In Your Promotional Video

Promotional Video Production

When you watch a film or promotional video, you may be impressed by the effects you are seeing without knowing exactly which shooting techniques have been used. When you’re considering making a video for your own business, however, some understanding of the possibilities available to you can help you to plan so that your video really stands out from the rest.

Here at AV3, we know that a corporate or promotional video that is made by a professional production team will be the real deal. Your unique business will be presented to the world using skills and techniques that give a dynamic and exciting result that will be a great investment for you. One of the techniques that can enhance your video is the use of sliders, and we’ve outlined their uses below for your information.

What Are Sliders Used For?

promotional video productionA slider is a device that attaches to your tripod to allow you to film across the full range of your shot smoothly. Here’s what sliders offer us:

  • Controlled motion. Using sliders is a great way to eliminate camera shake and to ensure a smooth, controlled motion that looks great on screen.
  • Dynamic motion. Sliders can add another dimension to your filming, giving a professional shot that is not restricted by limited movement.
  • Ease of setup. Sliders are usually between 1 and 4 feet wide, and come in many different shapes and sizes. They don’t take much time to set up and are relatively light and easy to move around with the rest of your kit.
  • Special shots. B-roll shots are transformed with the use of sliders, and they come into their own for specific shots such as testimonials, recapping events, real estate videos and even wedding videos.

What Can A Professional Production Company Do For You?

Amateur video producers, or even individuals with a smartphone, have a bigger platform than ever before with options such as Facebook Live and Periscope, and YouTube is, of course, a video-based concept on a huge scale. However, the popularity of video advertising means that your promotional video is in direct competition with numerous other businesses out there.

Using a professional video production company can put you ahead of the rest with a sleek and polished video that makes the most of the professional touch. The professional equipment and technical expertise you will gain will be an important investment in the success of your business, and will capture the eyes and imaginations of a whole new generation of potential customers.

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