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If you consider the promotional videos you’ve seen recently, you’ll probably recall plenty of product placement and action images of the products being advertised. However, you may not have realised how much difference it makes when faces are added into the mix.


A human brain is programmed to recognise faces and react to them, stimulating areas of the brain that do not respond to other stimuli. We respond differently to new faces and to faces we know, so a clever advertising strategy will make the most of this and include known and unknown faces. Here’s our quick guide to using faces for optimum effect in your business video.

Why You Should Include Faces In Your Promotional Video

  1. Wentworth Promotional VideoFaces inspire trust. When you see the same faces repeatedly, associations and trust can be built up. This is a valuable asset in business, and it’s well worth investing in one of your team to create a face for your product or company. You can use this technique to build a rapport with your audience, and this can only be a positive thing for your business.
  2. People demonstrate real applications. Seeing a product working is important, and if you include real people using your product in your video, you’ll begin to build a story around it that can appeal to your audience. Seeing how a product works for others can be the perfect enticement to purchase, and can widen the appeal of the product a great deal.
  3. Faces attract attention. Human brains are hard-wired to pick out human faces and they are instantly drawn to them, which means that including faces in your advertising will make your audience look more closely at what they are seeing. Even alternating images that include faces with images that are more product oriented will encourage your audience to pay more attention to what you are showing them.
  4. Faces create emotional cues. People constantly seek cues from the faces that they look at, responding to the feelings and emotions that they see, and this can be used to good advantage in advertising. Eliciting a positive response from an audience can be as simple as showing positive emotional reactions on the faces of those in your advertising, providing some great model emotions that will be mimicked by those watching.

Once you are aware that human brains are built to mimic the emotions that they see, you can seek out opportunities to explore this across your business videos. Think about introducing your team on video, exploring your product on film, and even whether you could make use of video voicemail or customer services applications.

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