Creative Video Production: Tips For Success

5 Tips For Creative Video Production

Anyone can create a promotional video, but making a film that is unique and creative is a little more challenging. Working with a video production company that has access to top quality technology and professional expertise can help you to achieve the look you want, and considering how you can make use of different aspects of film production may be a useful way to start your planning.

Here at AV3, we work closely with our clients to design and create films that reflect their ethos and aims in a creative way. We believe that planning can help us to develop the perfect partnership between your ideas and our expertise and innovation, and we devote as much creative energy to our small-scale promotional videos as we do to the big name productions we work on.

  1. 5 tips for creative video productionTechnology. Working with a professional film production company means that you can make the most of high quality technology to create looks which are more often associated with high-end professional films than small-scale promotional videos. For example, the advent of drones has made aerial shots accessible to lower budget productions, which means that you can now access truly creative shots in your video.
  2. Sound. While it is, of course, important to achieve clear and good quality audio, it is also worth considering the creative uses of sound that can enhance your video. The music or background sound that accompanies your video will work to enhance or amplify your message, and you can make the most of appropriate sound effects to create a spectacular impact.
  3. Lighting. Lights are not exclusive to professional film companies now that lighting technology has developed, but a professional touch is always useful in achieving the look you want. Lighting can create a variety of moods and styles, and giving some thought to the end result you are hoping for can help you to get the lighting just right in your production.
  4. Style. Films are shot and produced in certain ways to create desired moods and atmospheres, and the outcome you want may be achieved with a variety of approaches. A professional video producer will work with the colour in your film, manipulating the palette and white balance to indicate time of day, mood and tone, and using a vintage or modern lens can change the look of your video entirely.
  5. Techniques. Whether you are shooting a Hollywood blockbuster or a corporate video, some techniques are interchangeable and very effective. Timelapse can be an excellent way to introduce places and demonstrate processes, while framing your subjects in challenging ways can sometimes enhance the effect you want. Your production design can have a big influence on the result you end up with, so take advice and try different things to see what works best for you.

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