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What AV3 Media Do

AV3 Media are a leading broadcast TV and video production company in Dublin. As well as TV production, AV3 Media have also developed numerous corporate video productions for clients from a wide range of sectors including, retail, education, construction, charities and more.

We are passionate about video production, and we have worked with many big brands to develop relevant and effective promotional videos for our clients. At AV3 Media , we have the experience and expertise to know what works – and, more importantly, what doesn’t, we’ will work closely with you to share your business with the world.

video production dublin


We have a long track record of creating and developing TV series and documentaries.

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AV3 can produce amazing TV commercials to capture the attention of your audience. We can design a package to suit your budget

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We have developed numerous corporate videos for clients from a wide selection of the business world.

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AV3 offers very attractive packages to up and coming talented directors and producers, helping them to achieve their visions in film.

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AV3 has worked on all types of music productions from music videos, to multi-camera filming of concerts for broadcast and dvd distribution.

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If you need a crew to shoot for you in Ireland, give us a call.

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Talk to AV3 today about what we can do for you by calling our office in Dublin on (01-5337826) or drop us a line via our contact page.

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Michael is the founder of AV3 Productions. He is a Master member of the British Institute of Videography and a member of The Guild of Television Cameramen.

Initially starting his career as a cameraman, he now manages the growing team at AV3 Productions. As Executive Producer he oversees all productions from simple web videos to multi-part primetime TV series. He is your initial contact and his vast experience in the TV/Video production business is a guarantee that your production will be a success.

Michael has developed a huge range of TV productions from one-off documentaries to large scale TV series. He has built AV3 into one of the leading production companies in Ireland and wants to build on this success.

Away from the world of video production, He has a huge interest in cars and motorsport and likes to tell stories about his visits to the famous F1 tracks of Monza and Monaco. For as long as we know him he has always driven a BMW 5-series and his last 3 cars have all been silver with black leather. Guess what colour his next car will be !

Michael is also an accomplished photographer and his work has been featured in many newspapers and magazines

The best part of working at AV3 is that he gets to travel a lot and a trip to film in China is in the planning stages at the moment.

Michael is hard-working and thorough, very approachable and totally dedicated to creating perfection in every project that AV3 produces.

His choice of coffee is a Latte.