Build Your Business With Personalised Videos

Build Trust With Personalised Video

Personalised videos are an excellent way to introduce yourself and your brand to your audience, and can be very effective as part of your marketing strategy. Customers like to know what they are buying into, and a business that gives them the personal touch is much more likely to elicit repeat business and recommendations to others.

Here at AV3, we believe that video can accomplish things that other methods of advertising cannot. By bringing the faces and personalities of your business to the forefront, video can create a personal connection that is not possible with most online marketing. Talk to us about how your business could benefit from using personalized video.

personalised video productionHere’s how personalized video could work for you:

  1. Introductions. Cold calling is one of the least successful methods of recruiting new customers to your business, and video is proving a good way to challenge this. A video message that immediately introduces a friendly face is likely to get a much more positive response than other forms of advertising that initially introduce your business to people
  2. Product demonstrations. Video is ideal for showing how a product or service works in reality, so product demo videos can really increase sales. Many companies make use of this type of video to encourage viewers further along the sales funnel, and they are usually fairly quick and simple to create.
  3. The personal touch. Having a face you recognize or a familiar name to identify with the business provides the personal touch that many customers desire. It’s not easy to encourage consumers to trust an online business, but video is a great way to bridge this gap and give your audience a real person to connect with.
  4. Email invites. Using your email list to share videos and spread the message about your business is an excellent way to remind previous customers of what your business can do for them, or to share information that is relevant to your products. Many companies are beginning to incorporate regular videos into their email marketing, and this often gives very good results indeed

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