How To Make Our Video Expertise Work For You

Why choose AV3 Media?

When you’re planning or commissioning a promotional video for your business, you may have plenty of ideas and visions to share. We work closely with our clients to create the videos that they want, and we aim to deliver a product that will exceed expectations every time.


Working with us gives you the opportunity to make the most of our years of experience, and you’ll benefit from our video production expertise to achieve a professional result. We’ll always talk to you about what you want from your video and how best to achieve this, and we can offer suggestions and advice to get the best outcomes regardless of the style and techniques you choose.

What Can Our Video Production Team Do For You?

1. ryanair saleEncourage a versatile approach. If you have set ideas about how you want to make your promotional video, you may find that you are limiting the options available to you. It helps to approach the creative process with an open mind and be willing to consider other techniques and ideas that may lead to better results.

2. Make the most of collaboration. It is possible to work with an experienced video production company from the planning stages to create a really unique video for your business. We have worked with clients and their customers, as well as specialists in many fields, to create an exciting range of promotional videos that deliver the best results for everyone.

3. Be prepared to step back. Some clients come to us with a fixed plan in mind and they often think that directly ‘selling’ their product via their video will be the best way to proceed. Our experience is that a successful business video often focuses on the audience rather than the company or product, demonstrating how the product or company can make a positive difference to the viewer. Changing your perspective sometimes opens up a whole new world of potential, and we believe that with your knowledge and our specific expertise, we can create something that will really work for you.

4. Rely on the experts. If you are determined to appear in your own promotional video, you will need to develop a camera presence and be comfortable on screen in order to achieve a good result. Building up gradually using a platform like YouTube can be a good way to work on these skills. We may advise you to consider using people who are used to appearing on camera to give the best, and most natural, outcomes.

Find a Professional Video Production Company in Cork & Dublin

At AV3, we are passionate about video production, and we work with large and small businesses across Ireland to develop unique and effective promotional videos. Every project we undertake is approached with professionalism and skill, and we thrive on versatility and flair. Call us on 021-7332222 (Cork) or 01-6363190 (Dublin), or visit us online today.

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